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How to Take Passport Photo at Home-Photographer’s Guide

  • Equipment

    You will need a modern smartphone or a digital camera with resolution of 5 Megapixels or higher.
  • Background

    Lighting arrangement is an important thing for the proper result. The best scenario is to take a picture on a bright yet cloudy day with no direct sunlight. Аvoid shadows and glares on the face. It must be evenly lit. Use flash if the lighting conditions are poor, or if there are shadows on the face or it is not evenly lit.
  • Clothes

    Clothes must be dark enough to make a good contrast with the background.
  • Glasses

    US passport or visa: no glasses allowed. Generally you should avoid wearing glasses while making a photo. If you cannot do without them, make sure they are not dark or tinted and that there are no glares on them. Eyes must be fully visible.

  • Hair

    Your hair should not cover the face, especially eyes, and for some kinds of documents even your ears should be visible. Avoid voluminous hairstyle and wearing earrings.

  • Distance

    The camera should be put about 5-7 feet (1.5-2 meters) from the face. Make sure to include the person's upper body and shoulders into the frame. The head and hair should be fully visible. Take several pictures slightly changing the distance.

  • Face

    The person must be looking straight at the camera. Facial expression must be neutral (no smiling or frowning), mouth closed, and eyes fully visible.

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